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August 29, 2018
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The Collective POSTER (Medium)

The Collective is an impactful, shocking and intelligent dramatization of the story of Bertolt Brecht’s theatre collective. The play dramatizes the idea that much of Brecht’s work was written by other writers – members of his collective (mostly women) who received little credit and payment for their work. The Collective manages to be both a penetrating look into history and issues of authorship and abuse of power, and a fascinating, funny and moving story to boot.


Please NOTE: The performance contains adult themes, strong language and deals with serious issues; we recommend leaving younger members of the family at home. Brecht was a modern theatre practitioner who wished to pushed the boundaries of theatre. As a result, he aimed for his pieces to be shocking and provocative. This performance follows in this vein. There is a strong political message behind the performance, and we hope that the vehicle to delivering this message does not offend.


Tickets for the performances will be available from the school office from Monday 13th August and cost $5.00. It is unlikely there will be any door sales so please purchase your tickets early.