Leah Shows her Champion Gymnastics Prowess - Freyberg High School
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October 27, 2015
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Leah Holmes-Atkins - New Zealand Representative Gymnast

Freyberg’s regional champion Gymnasts were on show today at the school Gymnastics Championships.

Leah Holmes-Atkins - New Zealand Representative Gymnast

Leah Holmes-Atkins – New Zealand Representative Gymnast

About 100 competitors performed their best routines on eight different apparatus. Events were run and judged by well costumed senior Year 12 PE students. Overall Interhouse Results for this competition won’t be announced until Prize Giving, however a large number of competitors and all of the champions were wearing yellow (Ruahine House) and red (Kapiti House).

The Year 10 Girls Championship was won by Kapiti House’s Leah Holmes-Atkins. Leah was recently awarded Best Gymnast at the Manawatu Secondary Sports Awards, and after her Bronze placing at the Junior National Competition. A member of Freyberg’s Sports Academy, her next competition is representing New Zealand at Hawaii’s Aloha GymFest in January. Another regional Gymnast; Frances Allen beat her twin to be Freyberg’s Year 9 Girls Champion.

  • Year 9 Boys Champion: AJ Sheard (Kapiti)
  • Year 9  Girls Champion: Frances Allen (Ruahine)
  • Year 10 Boys Champion: Brayden Heta (Ruahine)
  • Year 10 Girls Champion: Leah Holmes-Atkins (Kapiti)