Close finish at Swimming Sports 2015 - Freyberg High School
Pace, Power and Passion at Prelims Day
February 13, 2015
Freyberg Reunion 6-7 March for 1955-1959 Past Students
February 20, 2015
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Principal Peter Brooks poses with Kapiti House Mascot Elmo at Freyberg's Annual Swimming Sports Event1

Ruahine wins interhouse swimming with 838 points to Manawatu’s 837. After hundreds of races, it all came down to the final relay, which Ruahine won to overtake Manawatu.

There were huge entry numbers from all houses, and school records broken by the likes of Jesse Olynsma and Paige Cutler.

With the Manawatu House Chant “ice ice ice” drowning out all others, Freyberg Community Pool was filled with about 200 swimmers. Senior students helped organise the event taking the place of time keepers and marshaling. Meanwhile House Leaders ensured everybody from their house made it to each race, and kept enthusiasm up.

Head of Ruahine House Kahui Watling was delighted with the passion and high participation levels of his house. Perhaps his delight was also because Ruahine were sitting in first place at the time.

Final Results

  1. Ruahine House
  2. Manawatu House
  3. Tararua House
  4. Kapiti House

Senior Boys Champion: Jesse Olynsma
Senior Girls Champion: Leana Reardon