Performing Arts - Freyberg High School

The Freyberg Performing Arts Faculty includes Music, Drama, Dance and Audio Engineering. It offers specialised tuition and performance opportunities through both in-school and after school programmes.

Exciting new subjects are being developed in the newly formed Academy of Performing Arts. These include various types of Dance, Radio Broadcasting and Music Theatre.


Freyberg’s Music Suite currently consists of 3 classrooms, a rehearsal room, 5 practice rooms, a recording studio and computers available for music composition.

Performance Music is a class offered to Years 9-13. An Introduction to Music course is available to Junior students and, in the Senior school, achievement standards are offered.

Through the Applied Performance programme, every student at Freyberg has the opportunity to learn the musical instrument of their choice and participate in the wide range of school music groups.

There are a range of music groups at Freyberg, including concert bands, a jazz and brass bands, choirs, chamber groups and rock groups. Musical productions are regularly staged, and every 2-3 years Freyberg undertakes a major music trip.


Drama is an option at all year levels. In Year 11, NCEA Achievement Standards are offered; at Year 12 students can achieve both 6th Form Certificate and Level 1 and 2 Unit Standards, while Level 3 Unit Standards are offered to Year 13. Achievement Standards are being introduced progressively.

Freyberg has two dedicated Drama rooms, a costume room, portable staging and lights all to provide an authentic stage experience.

The department provides plenty of activities in drama including performance evenings, and theatre sports.


Taken as a single subject as well as an extra curricular activity, Freyberg has it’s own fully equipped dance studio with full length mirror, bar, and a proper wooden surface.

Students are encouraged to experience a variety of dance styles, and will also create and perform their own dance pieces. They will learn to interpret the meaning of dances and develop their performance skills.

Dance has been growing at Freyberg every year since it’s inception. With a  national champion
Cheerleading squad, busy Senior and junior Dance troupes and a tap troupe, there
are plenty of opportunities in Dance.

Audio Engineering

This course is offered to Year 12 students who wish to gain skills in the technological side of the Music Industry. The course introduces acoustics, multi-track recording, MIDI and sequencing, and covers health and safety issues in the industry.

The School of Music has a fully equipped recording studio using ADAT and digital recording technology including recording workstations, and a specialist audio computer lab.