Freyberg High - Student Stories

Student Stories

We welcome diversity at Freyberg High School and have had the pleasure of welcoming students from all over the world. Here are some of their stories:

Tina Le Phan


Even though I’ve only studied at Freyberg the last 2 years, it was an enjoyable time in my high school life. I’ll miss this when I go to university.

I really enjoyed the buddy programme (Cultural Connection) because after several meetings, I could get more friends and had a chance to talk with people who I didn’t know before. I also enjoyed the Dance at Freyberg. The most exciting part was performing where I could stand on stage and show my ‘talent’.

All my classmates were amazing and they were really friendly. More than that, classes were the place that I found many interesting times with my classmates. The one thing I have learnt here at Freyberg is, if you have a dream, you can do it. You are the one who chooses the opportunity, so you should try your best to achieve it.

Chaithat Wattanachan


I came here 3 years ago. I feel like Freyberg High School is my second home. I have many new friends of different nationalities. Freyberg teaches me many things and I like living here. I think 3 years is not enough to stay here. I can remember the first time I came here and thought “I am very lucky to have lovely teachers and very good friends”. I am happy to have the position of International Student Leader this year.

Giovana Martins


I came to Freyberg for 4 months and I have enjoyed experiencing a new culture and making new friends. My homestay family provided me with many opportunities to learn about NZ. As my family lived in a rural environment, I got to experience country living.

I really enjoyed being a part of the dance classes at Freyberg and taking part in the presentation at the end of the year. The students at Freyberg are friendly and made me feel welcome.

I like this amazing country and I learnt a lot. I will miss Freyberg!

Roberto Pari


When I arrived here I could not imagine how wonderful this country is. I love this place because people were immediately very friendly to me. At this school, I am meeting people from different countries, China, Vietnam and South America.

The best part of this place in my opinion is the nature. I have been hiking on mountains and I have had other extraordinary experiences, such as caving and sleeping in a tent. I hope that other people will have the opportunity to come to Freyberg High School.

Mara Deng


I have had many great experiences while at Freyberg. The best experience I have had this year is the Auckland trip. They year 13 Tongariro Trip is definitely on the top of my list. It was my first time camping with a bunch of students who I was not really familiar with at the beginning of this year. After couple of days I became closer with my roommates and other students. I loved the whole journey, even though there were some difficult challenges. It was also a great chance to enjoy NZ nature.

It was a pleasure to be selected for Chambers Music Competition even though I was not a member of the music class. The most important thing about music I learnt that it’s not only about techniques but also the feeling of yourself and how you deliver your feeling to the audiences.

Managing my studying time and making plan for trips, are the two most important points that I learnt during the year.