Music - Freyberg High School

Music Groups
Freyberg runs four Concert Bands, a renowned Jazz Band, an Orchestra, a Brass Band, several choral groups including Bella Cantare, rock groups, and various string and other chamber ensembles.

Instrument Tuition
All students at Freyberg can learn a musical instrument at school. Weekly half-hour lessons are held in class time by qualified tutors. Currently over 200 students are enrolled in the music tuition programme. A large variety of musical instruments are available for student use, ranging from brass instruments to electronic keyboards.

Regular concerts and ‘play-outs’ give students the opportunity to perform in public situations. Major trips are undertaken every two to three years. In 2005 a Performing Arts trip to Sydney and the Gold Coast took place. Musical productions are staged every two years.

Watch Opening of Freyberg’s Music Suite Upgrade 2012