Freyberg High - Costs

International Student Fees – 2018 & 2019


School Fees


Tuition Fee (full year) $15,995
Pastoral Care Fee (full year) $1,890
Administration Fee $475
NCEA Examination Fees – Years 11, 12 & 13 $384

Accommodation Fees


Homestay Fee
(per week, includes a $8.50 per week admin fee)
Homestay Placement Fee $375


The school has a Refund Policy as required by the Code of Practice.

Other Costs


Airport Transfer (Auckland) $80 Actual
School Uniform Years 9, 10 & 11 only $550 Approximate
Bank Transfer Fee
$25 Actual
Contingency Fee $1000 Refunded if not used
Insurance – Health and Travel $650 Approximate
Homestay Change Admin Fee $350  Actual

Extra Optional Costs


School Trips up to $1000 Per Year


Note: All fees are in New Zealand Dollars. Freyberg High School reserves the right to change or alter these fees at any time, excluding NCEA Exam Fees.