Freyberg High - Curriculum

Junior School Curriculum

Students in Years 9 and 10 take English, Social Studies, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Health Studies and choose either 4 (Year 9) or 2 (Year 10) options from a range of other subjects.

Senior School Curriculum

Senior students have a much wider choice of 5 or 6 subjects from a set of 35 options offered in the senior school. The options cover…

  • Languages: Spanish, Japanese, English, Maori and ESOL.
  • Sciences: Mathematics (Calculas and Statistics), Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
  • Humanities: Social Sciences, Tourism, Geography, History and Classical Studies.
  • Health: Physical Education, Health Studies, Sport and Recreation.
  • Arts: Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Design, Painting, Art History and Photography.
  • Practical Subjects: Food & Nutrition, Computer Science, Graphics and Hard Materials Technology.
  • Commerce: Text Information Management, Economics and Business Studies.

New Zealand Qualifications

New Zealand’s qualification system (NCEA) is gaining international recognition as a world leader in standards based assessment. Senior Students undertake a mixture of “Internal” assessments throughout the year and “External” Examinations at the end of the year all for a set number of credits.

By international agreement, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority ensures that New Zealand qualifications are transferable to the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.

  • NCEA Level 1 – Year 11
  • NCEA Level 2 – Year 12
  • NCEA Level 3 – Year 13

Sporting Opportunities

The school has sports teams in over 20 different summer sports and winter sports including:

Canoe polo
Inline Hockey
Lawn Bowls
Sevens Rugby
Small-Bore Shooting
Table Tennis
Touch Rugby
Volley Ball
Water Polo
Other Sports

Field Trips

Students have opportunities to participate in several field trips which take them to places like:

  • Waitomo Caves – Rock climbing and caving.
  • Tongariro trip – tramping, plant and land-form studies, and skiing.
  • Local Marae – Native Māori cultural experience including cultural food, song and crafts.
  • Kiwi Summer Holiday Trip, Rotorua – water skiing, boating, swimming, tramping – a classic NZ holiday.
  • Rock Climbing trip
  • Horse Riding – at various times throughout the year at Te Apiti.
  • Plus much more! Contact us for more details.