The Flat: Recycling Project - Freyberg High School
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September 23, 2019
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October 18, 2019
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The students and teachers in the Flat started cardboard and paper recycling in the school over 13 years ago. Nowadays the school is well and truly on board with this and the students in the Flat send out a recycling team once a week to collect all the paper recycling. This year they have worked with our groundsman to earn native trees and shrubs from the paper for trees organisation. They have teamed up with the Environmental Committee, who during conservation week, helped plant some of the trees and collect up rubbish from the Pit. In conjunction with the efforts of the Flat, the Environmental Committee has also put recycling bins into the cafeteria this year for paper/cardboard, plastic, tins, and food waste (which they are composting). These two groups look forward to continuing their work with the students and staff to encourage greater waste reduction.