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May 6, 2019
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May 10, 2019
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Menstruation is a naturally and beautifully occurring process that all women go through. Unfortunately though, the cost that comes with getting a period is ridiculous and many people cannot afford it. It is also very wasteful with the current mainstream methods of pads and tampons.

On Saturday, May 18th from 10 am- 4 pm at Freyberg, we will be holding an art auction to raise money for sustainable menstrual products to be distributed to girls at school and for educational talks to be given. Freyberg is working towards greater equality within our school and community and that means ending period poverty. The sustainable menstrual products that we are fundraising for are menstrual cups and reusable underwear/pads and will last girls 3-5 years. So not only does is it a cheaper alternative in the long run, it is also far more environmentally friendly. The art for sale has been created by Freyberg’s own wonderful art students that have put hours into creating incredible pieces.

There will be many other activities like portraits for $5, food made by the New Kiwi department, Drama Academy performances, garden treasure hunts, plastic design making competitions and much more! The event is open to all members of the community and there is a range of activities available for all ages!

We hope you will come along to help Freyberg move towards a more equitable and sustainable future