Blake Inspire 2019 - Freyberg High School
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May 1, 2019
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May 7, 2019
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Blake Inspire was an unforgettable experience where I learned so much about the environment and how to take steps within the local community to make our own cities more environmentally sustainable.

The event is a week long and takes place every year and is run by the Sir Peter Blake Trust. This year Blake Inspire took place in the Waikato with 56 delegates from across New Zealand in attendance. Throughout the week we had the opportunity to have incredible experiences like meeting with the CEO of Genesis to discuss how they’re moving towards becoming completely reliant on renewable energy. We also got to meet with two farmers who have taken an incredible amount of action to make themselves more environmentally friendly. We also got to kayak around the Raglan estuary, go black water rafting at Waitomo, Meet with Kaivolution. Whilst the activities were great fun and enjoyed by all it was the people we got to meet from other delegates to the chaperones. The Ministry for the Environment was also very involved and we got to understand the political side of environmental issues. This resulted in a mock parliament session where the Zero Carbon Bill was trying to be passed. We got split into different groups and had to argue from the perspective of our group. I was appointed as the CEO of the Marsden Oil Refinery and can say the experience was very eye-opening to understanding the issues and concerns from businesses around the Zero Carbon bill.

Going on Blake Inspire was a true privilege and I have become so inspired to create change to make my local community more environmentally conscious from the passion shown by my fellow peers.