Battle of the Bridges , 2019 - Freyberg High School
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April 12, 2019
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May 1, 2019
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4 teams of brave, resourceful and strong Freyberg students took on the NZ Army Engineering challenge to construct simple wooden plank bridges over varied widths while carrying jerry cans of water, being pelted with flour and sponges as well as a water hose too. Our young men and women held their own against much bigger counterparts from Manukura, QEC, and Girls High.

Photos of what they went through are on the Public drive under Battle of the Bridges.

Council and NZDF staff commented on how our teams worked so well together – great camaraderie and spirit was shown throughout the day.

Tyron Knight took a special spot prize for his invaluable teamwork and positivity over the event.

We’ll be back in 2020 for another crack at the competition.

Final standings and teams

Team 3 Maiah Gilbert Shannon Lawrence Daisy Thurlby 4th out of 16
Team 1 Jonah Ackerman Boyd Angland Kaleb Edgecombe Tess Roper Charlotte Masters-Spry 7th out of 16
Team 2 Serena Race Corban Robinson Zahnia Gerrard Curtis McKenzie 9th out of 16
Team4 Olly Dale Josiah Ross Peter Alsop Tyron Knight Marshall Luisetti-Robinson 12th out of 16