Freyberg Drama Students, Awarded at Shakespare Festival. - Freyberg High School
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April 5, 2019
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April 11, 2019
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Out of the four possible awards, Freyberg High School received the following:

  • Cynthia Paul Award for best delivery of Text was awarded to Nina Kereama-Stevenson (Yr 12) for her stunning performance of Imogen in Hannah Prisk’s Cymbeline.
  • 5 Minute Student Directed Excerpt was awarded to Liam Craw’s piece of Comedy of Errors. This group included Kamia Pere (Yr 12), Jacob Matsas (Yr 9), Katie Clearwater (Yr 9), Alannah Mullins (Yr 9) and George Brannigan (Yr 10). These students will perform at Nationals over the 30th of May to the 1st of June. Their performance will be eligible for a variety of prizes at Nationals as well as individuals may be recognised for their performance and might move on to the NSSP stage.
    Additionally, Hannah Prisk’s directed piece of Cymbeline was actually the adjudicator’s first choice for this award but it went 13 seconds over the time limit, which is hugely disappointing for that group but one of those unfortunate lessons learnt along the way. This group consisted of Nina Kereama-Stevenson (Yr 12), Sophie Cumming (Yr 9), Zahnia Gerrard (Yr 9), Arlo Macmillan (Yr 11), Keenan Turner (Yr 10) and Jamie Bland (Yr 11).
  • The final award we took away was the NSSP Direct Entry Student. This means that this student was one outstanding individual who stood out but was not in the five or fifteen minute groups otherwise selected for Nationals. This was awarded for Jenna Shapleski’s (Yr 11) performance of Caliban in Paige Linneweever’s The Tempest. This means that Jenna will attend an intensive week at the National Shakespeare School’s Production where she will work with a notable director on a Shakespeare production in the September holidays and this will be performed on the 7th of October. If she continues to stand out during this week she could be selected to go and perform at Shakespeare’s Globe in London next year, so it is quite a big deal for her!