Student Strike for Climate Change, Information - Freyberg High School
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Kia ora,

You will have heard in the news that a number of students around New Zealand are planning to strike for climate change on Friday 15th March 2019.

The march in Palmerston North is scheduled to be from 9am to 12pm.

The Student Council has approached me and asked that a representative group of students who are on the environment committee or the student council be allowed to take a petition signed by a large majority of our students to present to the Palmerston North City Council. This group  of about 15 students, will have permission letters sent home and a teacher supervising them.

Students outside this group are expected to remain at school as usual. If you as a parent give permission for your son or daughter to go and they are not in this group then you must notify the school office and you are responsible for their supervision on the march. Those students will be recorded as on explained absence.

If students choose to go and do not have parental consent, they will be deemed to be truant and dealt with in the normal way.

Climate change is the biggest issue facing this generation but the health and safety of all our students is our primary concern and we cannot condone any unsupervised action.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Brooks