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November 7, 2018
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Triumph for Freyberg at the annual regional Spelling Bee hosted by Feilding High. ‘Freyberg One’ – a Year 10 team of Scott Lyall, Maya Sullivan, Matthew Roberts and Denae Brizzell – smashed the competition, winning out of 22 teams (and the competition was fierce)!

It was a huge boost to our students when Freyberg One leapt to the front of the pack in the first round and maintained that dominance for the entire Bee, winning by a huge margin.

Students were keen and well prepared spellers that gained a lot of extra points in the first few rounds (made up of unusual ‘never before seen’ words, which our team was able to de-code).

There was one hurdle however: definitions were a challenge – even more so, when the final round of Te Reo (expected) included definitions for the first time (yikes!), but Freyberg stayed on top due to the diverse backgrounds and interest of the team members – once again, diversity was a core strength of these stunning junior students.

The other Year 10 team of Yasmin Sealy, Ella Casey, Ben Lyne, Oshiana Tomas-Lane came 2nd place.

So that means we have the best spellers in all the region at the Year 10 level. But wait – there’s more good news; our Year 9 group of Diego Santiago, Mia Faulkner, Liam Tawharu, William Jacobs and Joseph Hunyh also won their competition. Next steps? Year 9s to return in 2019, as Year 10s to defend our title!