M3S : (Massey Manawatu Maths and Statistics) Competition - Freyberg High School
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June 25, 2018
Open Night 1st of August,
July 5, 2018
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M3S  : (Massey Manawatu Maths and Statistics) Competition



Teams of Year 12 students from around the central North Island participated in M3S: Massey Manawatu Maths and Stats Competition on Thursday 28th June. The competition, in its fifth year, gives students an opportunity to engage in mathematics and statistics, working in teams on problems that require not only skill, but time management amongst themselves. Two teams from Freyberg were among the 22 teams from Taranaki to Kāpiti that took part this year.
Students teams came from Feilding High School, Whanganui High School, Palmerston North Girls’ High School, Awatapu College, Dannevirke High School, Freyberg High School, Hastings Boys’ High School, Kapiti College, Longburn Adventist College, Francis Douglas Memorial College, and Palmerston North Boys’ High School.

Massey University senior mathematics tutor Dr Cami Sawyer said
“Days like this provide mathematically gifted students a chance to showcase their talent, work in groups, and see mathematics and statistics as more than subjects, but actual study paths at university and careers. These kinds of days are also better reflections of real mathematics careers as working in groups to solve problems is more reflective of the industry than sitting at a desk alone solving problems in isolation with a 3-hour time limit.”

Head of the Institute of Fundamental Sciences Professor Martin Hazelton said that students should stick with these disciplines.  “The jobs we have today, and increasingly the jobs of the future, will need the skills you have demonstrated today, so keep at in class and it is going to pay-off in your future careers.”

Massey mathematics and statistics staff and students helped run the day and mark the questions.  It takes a team to find interesting questions at the right level and to make the whole day run. Dr. Richard Brown was the MC for the day and made the technology work so teams could see how they were doing as the competition proceeded.


At one point a Freyberg Team was in second place but overall this year the winning team was from Whanganui High School, with a team from Francis Douglas Memorial College in second place, and Palmerston North Girls’ High School and Awatapu College tied for third place.


In the final question, teams had to trace all solid lines in a diagram without lifting their pen from the page. They had to find the least distance that the tip of the pen must travel starting at any point…….. why not have a go yourself?