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Is what your teenager does on-line safe?

Today’s teenagers have grown up with access to the internet and smartphones and the like. It is difficult for some parents and caregivers to keep up with the posts, the tweets, the snapchats, the platforms, the apps, the bots and the trolls. What do we need to be aware of to keep our young people safe on-line? What have you or your offspring experienced that could have been handled better with more information and awareness?

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Netsafe is an independent non-profit organisation which provides online safety help, support, expertise and education to people in New Zealand.

On Wednesday 6 June at 7pm, Freyberg is hosting an interactive presentation by Netsafe at which they will address how to support and develop your children’s values and skills to manage risks, challenges and opportunities online. All Freyberg High School parents/caregivers welcome.

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