ILC - Freyberg High School

A wide range of students work in the Individual Learning Centre.  These include:

  • Students working on Individual Programmes through Te Kura, University or UCOL.
  • Students with learning difficulties whose needs are not being met in the regular classroom.  These students may be placed on Te Kura roll on language and mathematics programmes.  Alternatively, remedial work will be provided by ILC staff based on students’ individual needs.
  • Student whose behaviour is detrimental to other students in their class.
  • Students who need time out because of emotional upsets.
  • Senior students using the ILC as a quiet space to work during study periods.
  • New students to the school who need to sit assessments prior to placement in class.
  • Students returning to school after lengthy absences or illness.  This enables intensive catch-up work to be done.
  • Students who require one to one or small group tuition in areas such as spelling, handwriting, writing, mathematics, etc.
  • Students sitting class tests that have been missed due to absence.
  • Students from the wider school who have been referred for assessments.
  • SPEC

ILC has specialist teaching staff, supported by a competent team of associate staff who assist students to meet their individual social and educational goals.